Cool Russian Movies

One of the things I’ve been doing lately is watching Russian movies. I don’t really do it to learn Russian, as I’m still a newbie and I can’t understand 99% (hey! I understand ‘privet’ and ‘spacibo’) of the words when actors talk, but to motivate myself and get immerse in Russian culture. So far, my favorite movies have been Russian classics. In particular, Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears (1980)and The Irony of Fate (1976) (I also watchedThe Brothers Karamazov (1969), but didn’t enjoy it so much as these two). I really liked how they show many aspects of Russian traditions that are still relevant. For instance, MDNBiT showed me how a true Russian shashlik (BBQ) looks like, and IoF how banyas (bath houses) look like and how friends would go there to relax and share (something that for me sounded weird at first, to be honest).

And the music…oh the music! Those movies have amazing soundtracks (even if, as me, you don’t understand what the lyrics are saying and you have to Google them), which are a delight to listen to. It makes me even more eager to learn and, someday, be able to watch them without subtitles (of course that could happen just because after seeing them many times I end up memorizing the dialogue hehe, but you know what I mean). My bf tells me he has seen this movies dozens of times (especially before New Year), and they just have a place in his heart. I think I understand this; some classic Christmas movies just seem to never get old for me.

Finally, I am starting to read Anna Karenina. Not in Russian (because, again, newbie), but I have wanted to read something by Tolstoy – btw, I recently realized I have been mispronouncing his last name all my life – and some days ago I read in another post how good Anna Karenina is, and that it is located in Russia. This was the drop that spilled the glass for me, and I have just started reading it. Will update about my progress and impressions on it later.

До свидания! 🙂