Pimsleur: enough bang for my (many) bucks?

I recently started Pimsleur’s conversational course. So far, what I can say is that:

  1. You do learn how to correctly pronounce useful phrases very well, but…
  2. It is a complement to my Russian classes and textbook, not a substitute, as it does not really teach why are you saying things the was you are saying them. For ins
    tance, you can notice you are conjugating verbs differently for different pronouns, but the rules are not explicitly there (or at least I haven’t reach them yet).


It is an expensive set, but if getting it is within your means, I would definitely recommend it. Even from YouTube videos, sometimes it is hard to nail how to pronounce some words, but here they break them apart from you, and repeat them several times. I think this is a fool-proof way to both grasp all the details of the pronunciation and memorize words better and faster.

Will write more about this later on, as I progress in my study.



My Russian-learning adventure

My bf is Russian and we have been together for 3 years. He is fluent in English, but I would love to speak Russian to understand his culture better and communicate with his family. My mother-tongue is Spanish, and he is also learning Spanish. I have just started learning Russian, and I will use this blog to document my experience and my progress as I tackle this challenge 🙂